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Belfountain is a picturesque village situated on the winding Forks of the Credit, just west of Highway 10 and 30 km northwest of Brampton and 80km from Toronto. Its name was inspired by the clear waters of the Credit River, and it is one of the most beautiful locales in the Caledon area. Regarded as a village, within the larger Town of Caledon, it is a little piece of paradise that is beloved by every visitor that happens to encounter it. Sightseers and tourists particularly enjoy Belfountain in the Fall when the surrounding hills and forests are ablaze with colourful leaves. People come from miles around and often line up for hours to get a chance to photograph the colourful spectacle. Well known for its gorgeous conservation areas, heart-stopping swing bridge, quaint antique stores, and historic charm, Belfountain is a homeowner’s dream.

The spectacular Forks of the Credit are not the only drawcard in the region. You can enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing or horseback riding on Belfountain’s many scenic trails. The Caledon Trailway runs through this region and provides spectacular views and a chance to unplug and unwind in nature. With its picture-perfect conservation areas and forested acres to explore, Belfountain offers residents and visitors year-round outdoor enjoyment. Trails, fishing, bird watching, and hiking are all on offer. The Melville White Church is a beautifully restored historic building dating to 1837. This venue is very popular for weddings and bridal photoshoots. Exceptional B&B’s are dotted throughout the area and the famous and historic Millcroft Inn and Spa are within an easy drive.


The first settlers arrived before 1850, and the village was originally given the awful name “Tubtown”. The local blacksmith used large iron tubs to cool hot metal and he kept the tubs in a central place in the village, hence the inauspicious and unimaginative name. Thankfully, the early settlers changed the name quite quickly.  By 1870 the village had a population of 300 and had built a tannery, two mills, one hotel and two general stores.

Charles Mack is to thank for the wonderful park that occupies pride of place in central Belfountain. Its unique caves and what was originally a dam were built as Mack’s summer home. The Park is now one of the most sought-after locales for bridal photoshoots and in the summer the park is full of bridal parties and photographers utilising the beauty of the surroundings. Located near the village of Belfountain is the protected, Belfountain Conservation Area.  In the beginning, this site was also privately owned by Charles Mack. He made his fortune by being the inventor of the cushion-backed rubber stamp. In 1908, Mr Mack and his wife built their summer home here and part of their architectural vision was to build stone walls along the Credit River, to fashion a dam and waterfall. They created spectacular pathways and installed a fountain with a bell on top. For pure enjoyment, they also created an imaginative and whimsical stone cave, which children still delight to explore. Mr Mack is also responsible for the village’s beautiful name.


The Credit Valley Conservation Authority is responsible for the Belfountain area and manages over 2400 hectares of land in the Credit Watershed. It operates 10 Conservation Areas with a wide range of natural and cultural landscapes. The region’s rare flowers and creatures, unique habitats, and fragile ecosystems, are all protected and cared for so that nature enthusiasts for generations to come will be able to marvel at the diversity and beauty of this area.

Close to all major urban centres, Belfountain offers residents the tranquil respite of country life and all the conveniences of urban living. It is one of the true real estate gems of this region.

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