Owning a recreational property can be a dream come true, but some key factors need to be assessed before purchasing your ideal vacation home. Doing your homework and obtaining the guidance and expertise of a Realtor will help to make it a smooth and successful endeavour.

Some things to take into account are location and intended use of the property. On average, recreational property owners are willing to drive 2-3 hours from home, but you’ll need to assess what level of proximity to home you require. Do you want water access, a vibrant cottage community or quiet seclusion? Your particular goals will affect the cost and type of property available to you. Other important planning details to consider are:

  • Do you want year-round access, or will this be a seasonal home?
  • Will you be renting out the property? If so, who will do the regular maintenance?
  • Do you need Internet connectivity?
  • Do you need access to a dock, mariner or boat house?

Financially you’ll also need to consider if you will be the sole owner, or will ownership be shared? Speaking with a Realtor who can put you in contact with a reputable lender and lawyer will help paint a realistic picture of what will be possible financially. The property price is not the only consideration. Your property will incur regular maintenance, insurance and utility costs and property tax. Doing the due diligence and finding out all the facts from a professional Realtor will ensure your dream home -away- from- home will be exactly that.

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