Staging Homes that Sell

What is Home Staging?

It’s a proven sales technique that uses decorating to form an emotional connection between your home and potential buyers. Staging homes goes beyond just cleaning and putting out cute flowers. It is a process, usually taken on by professionals, that removes distractions and encourages potential homebuyers to visualize the lives they could have in your home.

People rarely take on home staging by themselves, as interior designs and experienced REALTORS® are generally more equipped to do so. Professional home stagers will know what colours, decor, and furniture best complement your home. They also have the connections necessary to rent quality furniture that elevates your home and appeals to buyers.

Hesitant to hire outside help? Wondering if you can stage your own home? Read on to learn more!

Can you Stage your Own Home?

If you are selling your own home, you may be tempted to do the home staging yourself. While you can take on this task yourself, we generally recommend consulting with one of our real estate agents first or a professional staging business. These professionals will know how to leverage the great qualities a home already has, whether it’s high ceilings, having lots of natural light, or a room with a fantastic view.

If you do decide to stage your home on your own, here are a few essential tips for achieving the best results:

  • Focus your Efforts: If you have a limited budget, focus your staging efforts on rooms with the most potential to influence buyers, like the kitchen and living room.
  • De-Personalize: Buyers need to be able to visualize themselves living in your home. You can help them do this by de-personalizing your home. That means removing family photos, putting away your clothes, and clearing your bathroom of beauty products, toothbrushes, and things of that nature.
  • Declutter: If you want your home to look clean and spacious, we recommend decluttering by putting some of your belongings in storage. This includes things that you can do without while trying to sell your home, like seasonal clothing.
  • Clean Thoroughly: Every square inch of your home should be sparkling clean, from the wardrobe in your bedroom to the inside of your fridge!
  • Make Repairs: Now is a great time to take care of minor repairs around the house, whether that’s patching up holes in your wall or laying down a fresh caulk in your bathroom.
  • Eliminate Odours: If your thorough clean doesn’t take care of lingering odours, try plugging a small scented plug-in in a few of your rooms.
  • Rearrange Furniture: Creating an open and easy-to-navigate space helps buyers visualize having their own furniture in your home.

Does all this sound like way too much work to handle for one person? We highly encourage you to consider speaking with a REALTOR® first, they can recommend a staging company to hire to help give potential homebuyers the best possible impression for your house and property.

Staging Homes to Sell, speak with a REALTOR® first!

Selling your home is an exhausting task with lots of details to remember and paperwork to manage. So why sell your home by yourself when there are qualified and trusted real estate agents around to help you? Our team of REALTORS® has the experience, market knowledge, and connections necessary to ensure that your home looks amazing and is priced properly before it goes on the local real estate market to show off to potential buyers.

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