In the realm of winter sports, few stories are as inspiring as that of Erin Sauvé, a name now synonymous with passion, perseverance, and the pinnacle of freeride snowboarding. As a proud member of the Royal LePage Meadowtowne family, we’re thrilled to share Erin’s journey from the snowy hills of Ontario to the challenging terrains of the 2024 Freeride World Tour.

The Spark of Passion

Erin’s journey began in Mississauga, ON, where her father’s love for skiing ignited a family tradition. Despite limited access to large ski resorts, Erin’s enthusiasm for snowboarding blossomed. By age 15, she was a certified snowboard instructor at Glen Eden, Milton, ON. This was just the beginning of a path that led her to Nelson, BC, for a college degree in Ski Resort Management and Operations, and eventually to the renowned slopes of Whistler and Red Mountain Resort.

A Rising Star in Freeriding

Erin’s transition from an instructor to the Director of Snow School at Red Mountain is a testament to her dedication and skill. It was here that Erin discovered her competitive edge, leading to a remarkable second-place finish in her first Freeride World Qualifier at Red Mountain. This achievement was the catalyst for Erin’s ascent in the freeride snowboarding world, culminating in a triumphant sweep at the Challenger Series and securing her a coveted spot in the 2024 Freeride World Tour.

A Journey of Recovery and Support

Erin’s path wasn’t without its challenges. A shoulder injury in her early 20s required surgery and some down time. While she recovered from the injury, Meadowtowne welcomed Erin as part of our office support team. Though brief, this experience introduced Erin to her father’s world in real estate and speaks to our community’s support for one of their own.

The Pursuit of a Dream

Today, Erin stands on the brink of realizing a lifelong dream. Competing in the 2024 Freeride World Tour is no small feat. It involves extensive training, travel, and equipment, all of which come with substantial costs. the path to global competition is costly and Erin has worked tirelessly, collaborating with industry sponsors and dedicating her summer and fall to full-time work to fund her journey. At the time of publication, she’s close to reaching her fundraising goal to get her to the 2024 FWT.

The Power of Community

Erin’s story is more than just a tale of individual triumph; it’s a narrative about community, support, and the collective spirit of Royal LePage Meadowtowne. As Meadowtowne agent Brad Sauvé’s daughter and a part of our extended family, Erin’s success is a source of pride and inspiration for us all. Her journey underscores the importance of nurturing talent and supporting dreams, whether on the snowy slopes or in the realm of real estate.

We invite you to join us in supporting Erin. Every contribution brings her closer to her goal, whether it’s through donating to her GoFundMe or purchasing the ‘ERIN SHREDS’ stickers designed by her sister Dana. Your support helps to fund Erin’s competitions and ends a powerful message of encouragement and belief in her abilities as a female Canadian athlete.

Erin Sauvé’s journey to the 2024 Freeride World Tour is a story of passion, resilience, and community. As she prepares to compete on the global stage, let’s rally behind her. Donate, spread the word, and let’s collectively cheer for Erin as she shreds the mountains and makes her mark in the world of freeride snowboarding!