8 Signs That It’s Time to Sell Your Home

When should I move? This decision never comes easy. It can be difficult to let go of what’s familiar, but sometimes we need to embrace new opportunities that will serve us better in the future. Unsure if now is the right time for you and your family to relocate? Here are eight common signs that it’s time to move into a new home.

1) You Want Better Job Opportunities

If you live in a small town or village, you may have very limited job opportunities. Sometimes moving is necessary when changing career paths, or if you are looking for advancement in your current field.

2) You’re Having More Children

Is your house too small to accommodate a growing family? Finding a larger house with more bedrooms and more living areas will allow everyone to have their much-needed personal space. Larger homes also come with the added bonus of increased storage. This will help to reduce clutter as your growing family naturally accumulates more stuff.

3) You Have Older Family Members Moving In

Having an older family member joining your household is uniquely dissimilar to adding another child and brings with it an entirely different set of factors to take into account. Some noteworthy considerations could be the safety and accessibility of your home for this family member. Perhaps wanting them to have their own bathroom or kitchenette. In some cases, it may be more beneficial for your family to consider moving elsewhere.

4) Your Home Renovation Isn’t Worth It

If you have a long list of home renovation projects you’d like to do, that may be a sign that it’s time to move. Given the volume of time, money, and effort you may be required to put into these renovations, moving could be the more financially responsible choice.

It’s also important to consider whether or not you’d get a decent return on investment with any planned renovations. If your intended changes would differentiate your home too much from other homes in the neighbourhood, they could simply make your house too expensive for buyers interested in the community.

5) Your Home Is Too Tiring to Maintain

Tired of mowing large lawns, maintaining gardens, or shovelling long driveways? Sometimes the chores we were initially fine taking on when we purchased a home no longer make sense for us. Maybe you’re a little older and don’t have quite as much energy to be working outdoors as much, or perhaps you simply don’t have the time. Purchasing a more low-maintenance home could be a huge relief.

6) You’re Unhappy With Your Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood you originally moved into could be a lot different from the neighbourhood you’re living in now. Maybe the crime rate spiked or a business opened up across the street, increasing traffic around your home. Either way, if your current neighbourhood is making you unhappy there’s nothing wrong with looking for a new home elsewhere.

7) You’re Too Far From Important Amenities

There are some amenities that may have seemed irrelevant at one point in your life that you become increasingly more important as your needs change. This could be a public school for growing children, or a medical facility if you require regular hospital visits for treatments such as dialysis. Moving closer to these amenities could save you a lot of time, stress, and gas money.

8) Your Local Real Estate Market Is Booming

The best time to move is when your local real estate market is hot. That means homes are selling quickly and at a price-point that greatly surpasses their original listing price. If you were thinking about moving anyway and relate to at least one of the signs listed above, why not cash in on this great opportunity?

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