Roberto Vivas



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Sales Representative

(647) 228-8482)

    I am a true passionate person with infectious enthusiasm, who takes pride in working collectively with others in order to accomplish goals!

    I believe every client deserves an outstanding real-estate experience, that is why I am always looking to fulfill my clients’ goals according to their needs. I am a trusted and well trained professional who strives to provide you with the best solution.

    I am part of Vivas Group Realtors, eight Real Estate agents that are constantly working and following the market trends always putting our clients first.

    Roberto is fluent in Spanish

    "Roberto was a true professional and very attentive with our needs. Myself and my significant other had many questions concerning our home purchase"

    Frederico Neves

    I feel HAPPY and more than SATISFIED with Roberto’s work. He was the only one willing to help us when nobody else wanted to. He is a very professional and educated person, with no problem he answered all our questions and gave us the best advice. I highly RECOMMEND Roberto Vivas if you are looking to buy or rent a place, he will certently help you find your new HOME.


    Ely Bolivar

    I absolutely loved working as the co-operating agent with Roberto! He was always responsive, polite, professional, and put his clients first without compromising my own clients – quite a skill! I look forward to our next shared real estate transaction!

    Shaylah Lukas

    Roberto Vivas exceeded our expectations at the time we sold our home. We have not a single complain, he kept us informed at all times. There were no hidden fees or last minute surprises. He is also backed up by a strong team, Vivas Realtors Group. I strongly recommend Roberto to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent, you will not regret using his services as real estate agent

    Marco Garcia