Jorge Balza



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Sales Representative

(647) 388-9750

    I have a passion for assisting clients with various real estate needs. I am a trusted and well trained professional who strives to provide you with the best solution. Clients are impressed by the dedication and effort I put into making sure that they receive top quality service and amazing results. Explore my website to find detailed listing information, buying guides, selling guides and other features that suit your real estate requirements. Discover why I love real estate and why I am the best choice for you.

    Jorge is fluent in Spanish

    "Jorge is a great agent He is very caring and helpful. He walks a first time home buyer and seller through every step of the way. He also provides additional support. "

    Dawn Hagerman

    My husband and I started looking for our first home in 2017. Like any couple that opens up as a first buyer, we had many questions and doubts about every aspect of what appeared to be a complicated process. We were lucky enough to meet Jorge Balza when we visited an open house and immediately felt comfortable with him. What we liked the most was that Jorge took the time to understand not only what we wanted in a home, but also how to feel comfortable with the purchase process itself. From the first day of our search, until well after closing, Jorge helped us every step of the way, preparing us legally, financially and mentally. We overwhelmed him with questions and requests, and he was always patient, responsive and helpful, making us feel we were a priority. He also facilitated the process by connecting us with a broker and a lawyer- both of which spoke Spanish. He gave us important information about the housing purchase market, analyzed our financial situation and made us feel much more confident about our decision. Jorge was always very knowledgeable and was an excellent resource even after finding our perfect home. Jorge exceeded all our expectations of what kind of service a real estate agent should provide. He was so accessible, friendly and able to work, that many of our concerns about our “big step” seemed to disappear. We are very happy in our new home, and we would not hesitate to recommend Jorge to our friends, family or anyone who wants to avoid a complicated home buying process

    Lissette Padilla