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Pacheco Romero

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Sales Representative

(905) 462-2266

    Having years of sales experience under my belt I believe has helped me become a great agent, from door to door landscaping sales to selling over a million dollars worth of PPE. I have learned not how to sell, but learned how to find what people need and what they are looking for. I can always ensure a professional and diligent job in any business I am partaking in. Ensuring you have peace of mind when looking for a commercial or residential property is my number one priority.

    Moving around internationally a lot from a young age has taught me to adapt to my environment and how to take action in any situation I may be placed in. From learning new languages, working in various industries resulting in an extensive amount of customer service experience, I am always looking for new opportunities to expand my knowledge and implement new skills.

    Getting into the real estate world has been a wish come true for me, as such I will dedicate my time to my clients with diligent, honest, fair and attentive work. I am a team player and do not hesitate to ask questions to those around me who I consider mentors. As a serious but easy going person to work with I am constantly on the search for new clients looking to find the property they need and dream of.