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    Aubrey Bird: Building New Memories in Real Estate

    Born and raised in the picturesque town of Arnprior, Ontario, Aubrey Bird is not just a Sales Representative at Royal LePage Meadowtowne Realty Inc.; he’s a cornerstone of the dynamic husband and wife duo known as Birdhouse Real Estate. Their tagline, “Building New Memories,” encapsulates their commitment to guiding clients through the transformative journey of moving with unparalleled care and a stress-free experience.

    Aubrey’s early life was marked by a diverse range of interests and accomplishments. From competing in gymnastics, sailing, and martial arts, to earning a diploma in Audio Visual Technology, Aubrey has always embraced challenges with enthusiasm. His journey into the real estate world is complemented by a Certificate of Registration with the Real Estate Council of Ontario, solidifying his commitment to professionalism and ethical practices.

    Aubrey is not only a seasoned professional in real estate but also an achiever in the academic realm. He holds the prestigious Humber College Awards, including the ‘Audio Visual Technician Academic Award of Excellence’ and ‘The President’s Letter for the highest academic standing.’ These accolades underscore his commitment to excellence and dedication to continuous learning, qualities that contribute to his success in the competitive real estate industry.

    Before diving into the real estate realm, Aubrey navigated the turbulent waters of technical start-ups, witnessing both their rise and fall. Real estate emerged as the constant that allowed him to tie his success to his own efforts, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit that complements his attention to detail and business acumen.

    Aubrey’s professional journey is as diverse as his skill set. From working with Stereolithography (3D Printing) and CAD operator, where his company was the first to import a 3D printer into Canada, to managing a corporate worldwide network for a world leading provider of technology solutions and professional services to organizations with engineering design requirements and then extending that knowledge to the corporate network for a telematics company, his experiences have honed his enterprising spirit and meticulous approach to every endeavor.

    His commitment to a win-win philosophy in real estate transactions is evident in his focus on accuracy, clarity, and details. Aubrey is driven by the belief that doing it right is the key to success. He thrives on meeting the needs of clients, alleviating the stress and anxiety that often accompany property transactions. Clients will attest that his attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring that every deal is approached with a level of comfort for both buyers and sellers.

    Aubrey’s decision to join Meadowtowne/Royal LePage was rooted in the opportunity to tie his success directly to his actions, an empowering shift after experiencing the rise and fall of successful technology companies. Teaming up with his wife, Erika, who was already making waves in the real estate industry, Aubrey brought his enterprising spirit and attention to detail to further enhance the services provided by Birdhouse Real Estate.

    For Aubrey, supporting his wife is a top priority, and he understands that the key to her happiness is delivering the best possible service to their clients. His mantra is simple: “Happy clients, happy wife – LOL!” Aubrey Bird continues to build new memories for clients, ensuring that each real estate experience is not just a transaction but a positive and unforgettable chapter in their lives.

    "Erika Bird is the kind of real estate agent that does it all! Her approach is friendly, knowledgeable and caring. "

    Shelly Finigan

    My experience with Erika was fantastic. I was extremely worried about selling our home. I had already been relocated to start a new job across the country and my wife and children were still at our home in Ontario. I was very nervous about not being around for the sale of the house as there were many details to worry about. From the moment Erika came in to discuss the approach she would take to sell our home I immediately became more comfortable with her in our corner. She took the time to walk us through every detail and was available to help and guide us through every step. The value added items Erika brought to the table were instrumental in ensuring our house would sell quickly and for good value. Her recommendations on all aspects of how to best present our home to potential buyers were key to our home selling as quickly and for as much money as it did. She is extremely personable and accommodating, and her dedication to us as clients was unmatched. I would highly recommend Erika as your real estate agent whether you are buying or selling! Thank you so much for a worry free sale, Erika!

    Andy Kaszycki

    Thank you Erika. You are honest and respectful and your attention to detail made the listing process painless and selling my home so easy. You went above and beyond, making sure that my home was ready for sale and keeping me calm. Your advice when the offers came in helped my home sell within days of listing.

    Terry-Lynn Conway