Alpesh Patel



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Sales Representative

(416) 896-3145

    Alpesh has developed and harnessed a passion in Real Estate having worked in and around all types of properties from homes, condominiums, factories to commercial plazas from a building perspective.

    “When you know what’s behind a wall and know what it takes to build a home and the parts involved that’s knowledge that not everyone will have on a much higher and technical level” 

    Alpesh wants to bring this advantage to his clients and help them have a better understanding about a property which will empower them to make smarter choices. This advantage will be key in negotiations. Alpesh prides himself on customer experiences and building relationships. He can help you achieve your real estate goals with his knowledge and expertise.

    “Having integrity, being honest and humble are my core foundations to becoming successful…oh and laughing along the way.”

    Alpesh loves researching the market and having a greater understanding of the neighborhoods current and past sold prices. When he not working he enjoys following his soccer team Manchester United and spending time with his wife and two young children.

    Alpesh was born and grew up in London England, where he gained valuable experience in a wide spectrum of industries. Early on in his career in England he spent 10 plus years working in marketing for Dixons PC World Business. Alpesh moved to Canada and continued helping businesses brand themselves whilst also picking up new interest working in renovations and safety aspects of homes and buildings. He has been involved in many renovation projects working with other sub contractors from electrical, plumbing to foundation. It was during this time he gained a license and began working as a Certified Fire Alarm Inspections and Service Technician, which focused on residential, commercial and industrial buildings safety aspects which he spent 10 years doing.

    “Safety aspects of a home are the most important parts and I am your expert in this area. Let me be your go to Real Estate Agent.”